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Re: HP RPM 1.1 cannot login

Greenib Greenib
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HP RPM 1.1 cannot login


I have installed HP Rack and Power manager on server 2003 R2 (HP Proliant DL 580 G2)and I can't login, I get the login page but it keeps telling me wrong password. Username is default Admin and I left it that way.

I didnt use strange tokens or spaces in my password (I tried hprpm as password), I have deinstalled and reinstalled to make sure I wasnt making an error because its the password I have to give during install and install goes fine.

Before I had HP RPM installed on server 2000 and I had no login problems there and was able to administer the UPS (its a R3000 XR)

Anybody knows why HP RPM doesnt work on server 2003 R2?
Chris Rosan
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Re: HP RPM 1.1 cannot login

A lot of the HP management software now uses the OS username's/passwords for authentication. Try your "administrator" login, or domain admin login (any login that's got local admin rights).