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HP SUM questions

sean daugherty
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HP SUM questions

Apologies for the length of this post! I'm using HP Smart Update on a Win8.1 Pro PC to update a N54L Microserver running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. The Microserver also has a Smart Array P222 installed. I've successfully completed these steps:


  • created a baseline in HP SUM by choosing to download from
  • Added the server by IP & provided credentials
  • successfully ran an inventory of the server
  • Reviewed the updates selected for the server

Upon review there is a failed dependency that prevents me from Deploying the updates:


  • HP ProLiant System Providers for 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server Editions (cp020069) v9.2.0.0

The selected updates appear to be correct to the best of my knowledge-for example, it spotted the P222 & didn't offer to update the firmware as I had done that manually.


Clicking on the dependency error gives me the following message:


  • Failed dependency details: HP ProLiant DL980 G7

If I deselect that update the Deploy button is enabled.


This brings to mind several questions:


  • Do I need that driver? I'm assuming that there is another package that driver "depends" on. is it an unresolved dependency because I'm missing that package from my baseline, or something else? When I created my baseline, there were I believe 3 options to download my baseline from. I selected only the latest one. Should I have gone back & added all 3? I just assumed that they were cumulative & the latest one would have all the current packages.
  • Why does the failed dependency say "HP ProLiant DL980 G7" when I have a N54L? And when HP SUM has correctly identified the Node as a N54L during inventory?
  • Do other users of HP SUM, as a practice, just trust to install the suggested drivers? Or is there a rule of thumb I should use?

 I was definitely unprepared for the amount of work required to get my server set up right, but I'm slowly getting there. Thanks for any feedback!




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Jimmy Vance
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Re: HP SUM questions

I don't think the the SPP supports the older "N" series MicroServers, just the new Gen8 models.


THis link takes you to the driver update page for the N54L running Windows 2008 R2, there are only 3 updates available

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