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HP Smart Update Manager

Peter Klumm
New Member

HP Smart Update Manager

I'm having problems with the new psp-7.90.
I'd like to configure the Version Control Manager, but whenever I click on the "configure now" Link a error message appears for half a second...
As much as i could read after clicking for approx. 28 times was "A component communication dialog is active. If configuration cant complete press cancel...

I tested it on several diffrent hardwares, even on a workstation...

Any suggestions?

Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: HP Smart Update Manager

I haven't tried PSP v7.90 yet, but some things that popped into my mind were attempting to disable antivirus, antispyware, DEP (Data Execution Prevention) whether native Windows or third-party, or software firewalls. Thoughts?
Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: HP Smart Update Manager


What O/S are you running?

Have you read any documentation HP provide on this package?

I take it you are seeing this in the SMH? Is there a configuration tool that can be used in the O/S you are running to set it up?
Peter Klumm
New Member

Re: HP Smart Update Manager

I'm running W2K3 Server!
As far as I know there are no firewalls, DEP or antivirus active running...

I read all the documentation I can get...

What I accomplished until now is, that i used the gui from the 7.80er psp to customize the cp007755.exe and it seems to work...
But for future use it would be quite interesting to find out if I'm the only one with such configuration problems?