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HP Storage Server Management

Dr. Karl-Christian Rauc
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HP Storage Server Management

Hi experts,

is it possible to delete the entry "HP Storage Server Management" under Start\Startup\??

I had disabled the entry under "Startup" within System Configuration Utility and stopped additionally the service "HP Storage Server Management switching it from automatic to manual.

After restarting the system, i got the message that the system had to be started in diagnostic or selective startup mode due to changes within system configuration utility.

The entry under Start\Programs\Startup has been disappeared also.

What if I do not disable the entry under startup of System Configuration Utility and I would delete directly the entry under Start\Programs\Startup? Will be deleted then also the entry under startup of System Configuration Utility also?

Am I able to revert this step by making a new shortcut for this application to remove back to the step as before in future?

Is the application evident for the use of the storage server, or is it only a very good help tool for administration?

Why all these!
Storage Server Management application posses incidentically the two ports (3201/3202) which should be used by SAP Development Subscription.

Or is their any other way to workaround these diffs?

Best regards
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Re: HP Storage Server Management

I work for a large electric utility that wishes to disable any unused applications. The binary hpssmgmt.exe on one particular server has port 4484 opened. Can this service be disabled or is it necessary for administration? If necessary, we REALLY need official HP documentation identifying the port or port range the application has been known to utilize.