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HP Team Problem on DL380 G5

Rakesh Jain
Occasional Contributor

HP Team Problem on DL380 G5

When we are installing PSP 8.11 on Windows 2003 SP2 running on DL380 G5 HP teaming not working and all NIC configured in Team showing disabled.
Olibe Babaco
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP Team Problem on DL380 G5

Hi Rakesh,

I advice you in future dissolve teaming bevor updating PSP, but when You have done this and it is not functioning try this out:

1.Ensure that the NIC and the Teaming Driver component packages are local on the server.

2.Go to the Network Configuration Utility (NCU), and dissolve any team.

3.Go to the Network and Dialup connections folder, and go to the Properties of one of the Local Area Connections. Highlight Network and Team Configuration and click Uninstall .

4.Do not reboot.

5.Go to the Device Manager and uninstall all network adapters.

6.Reboot the server.

7.Install the NIC drivers using the CP file, followed by the Teaming Driver using the CP file.

8.Re-team the network adapters, and reconfigure the settings.


I hope this helps you