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HP Teaming - STATIC IP on physical yes or no

James Bratscher
New Member

HP Teaming - STATIC IP on physical yes or no

Question regarding HP Teaming.

We currently configure our blade servers with Teaming for fault tolerance, which works as predicted.

We first assign an IP, netmask, gateway, wins, and DNS to each physical nic then run HCU to select these two nics to create an auto/auto team. We then enter the static IP of the first physical nic to the virtual nic that is created.

My team is asking if we can skip the assignment of network info to the 2 physical nic ports and just configure the virtual one with the required network settings.

I disagree that we can leave the physical entries blank given that I run into problems when applying say 8.15b Support pack. When the process got to updating the nic drivers on each nic I lost network connectivity with the HPSIM box doing that was running the update because when the process exposed the nic (removed it from the team to apply the update it didn't have an IP so it started to try looking to DHCP to supply it with an IP.

In the end the 8.15b update failed, resulting in no networking period. To resolve this I had to goto Last Known Good to back out the changes so that networking came back. (on one server I had to delete the nics from device manager and rediscover them to get networking to enable once more.

Can someone confirm the correct config when using STATIC IP's. Do I only need to config the Virtual Team Port that is created in the Teamning process or as I do now configure each physican nic prior to teaming the ports together.

This is also being raised as we use up IP's quickly on our servers using 2 or 4 IP's per blade.

Thankyou in advance...