HP UPS R3000

Andrew Roach
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HP UPS R3000

Can't find a UPS forum so I'm trying the server forum.

Have a new R3000 rack mount UPS that has been in storage for a couple of years and we are setting it up today. Removed it from the factory sealed box - battery recharge date was good and we plugged it into our 30 amp dedicated circuit. it powered up fine and the blinking light showing it was in Standby Mode - but the battery wasn't charging - waited 8 hours and decided to turn it on. The green blinking light went solid green on the "utility" led and the battery now shows it is starting to charge - 10-25% so far.

I would have thought it would auto start charging the battery when connected to power.

Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing a step. I'll watch the battery charging gauge and hope it is charging correctly.