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HP failing to stock basic parts

Captain Flack
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HP failing to stock basic parts

I bought a HP proliant server via a HP reseller here in Dubai UAE on 8th September. It was supposed to have TWO harddisks.

I got a call the server was ready and picked it up and brought into office. Tried to install Windows Server 2003 but no hard disks. I called HP support and they said that they don't install the drivers to run hard disks and I'd need to download these from their website put them on a USB floppy drive or burn to CD and install them myself. It was not a great start - HP are supposed to 'build' the server but that does not run to installing basic drivers to support the hardware they install.

Eventually we got it up and running. Only to discover it has ONE hard disk and not two.

Back to the dealer who provides a hard disk after a few days. But without the mounting frame/drawer that is required to fit it. So back to the dealer who contacts HP for one.

That was well over a month ago and the dealer says he is still waiting.

HP talks about servers being mission critical components but cannot build them properly to spec or even stock basic parts like hard drives and the hardware to mount them.

Alex woonings
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Re: HP failing to stock basic parts

Hey Captain,

Well, what is there to say ? Dunno, but it

seems more like an error of the dealer

than HP itself. Ja, if you need a Harddisk

you (in fact, the dealer) should be aware

to order a correct frame too. HP Harddisks

do not come with that standard. Any dealer

should know. And even in case of a missing

frame, any normal dealer/serviceprovider

should have a few spareframe's in stock.

Again, I see no point in blaming HP for


But sorry for all the trouble you have had.

Captain Flack
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Re: HP failing to stock basic parts

Alex, I disagree.

Maybe you have once bought a car and said to the dealer "please make sure it comes with four wheels, each of which should have a tyre and be mounted to the car". I personally would assume that a car with four wheels comes with one fitted at each corner.

If I order a proliant server with two hard disks, I don't expect to have to say "by the way, the hard disks should be fitted to the server with appropriate hardware".

I did not specify that the motherboard be fitted, or that the fan shouldn't come loose at the bottom of the box without the appropriate cables for me to fix it.

No, if you order a server with two hard disks, then it is absolutely bleeding obvious you want the hard disks fitted.

And need I point out, the server did not even come with two hard disks. So HP couldn't even get that right.

And the fact their dealer network is supposed to be some kind of excuse for HP? Wow, that's really taking ownership of the problem.
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Re: HP failing to stock basic parts

Captain Flack,

When you purchase a ProLiant server, the dealer is there to help you fully configure it - many ProLiant systems don't ship with any hard drives at all and it's up to the customer (with help from the dealer) to configure it properly. If you requested multiple drives and only received one, then it's the dealer that's responsible. It sounds like the dealer you purchased from isn't very familiar with ProLiant servers (or is a new dealer still learning).

Many ProLiant servers also don't ship with an operating system. However, you should have received a SmartStart CD that will guide you through a full installation of just about any Server OS. This includes initial hardware configuration (e.g. RAID controllers) and installation of all drivers needed for a particular model server. If you didn't receive one, you can download an .ISO image from the product support page for your server. For more info on the SmartStart CD, go here:

Hate to say it, but it sounds like the dealer you bought from is flaky. ProLiant hard drives are shipped from HP ready to install in the system it's designed for - the dealer shouldn't need to purchase any additional rails/trays/etc. Also, HP/Compaq drives are readily available "in channel" via distributors - most dealers should be able to procure what they need almost immediately. In today's "global" economy, overnighting a drive from just about anywhere is relatively cheap. If you have the proper part number, you can even order it direct from HP Parts:

There are 2 authorized HP parts distributors in UAE...perhaps they can be of help. At least you'll know if it's the dealer or the HP parts channel that's "causing" the delay.

Sorry to hear that you've received some bad support from an HP dealer. Your best bet is to write a letter of complaint to HP. The dealer is only authorized by HP, not an actual HP company. However, if enough complaints are made, perhaps HP might pull that dealer's authorization to sell HP servers. Please don't judge the ProLiant poorly because of a bad dealer still have the best server hardware available, IMHO.

Just my 2 cents.

- nn6o