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HP iSCSI Software Target IS BURSTY

jeff nussle
New Member

HP iSCSI Software Target IS BURSTY

Our plan is to migrate two VM Hosts running iSCSI over to a new Proliant StorageServer running the HP iSCSI Software Target. I have my first Microsoft VM running on it(a WEB application), but it is VERY BURSTY.
I cannot find any information on how to tweak the iSCSI Target Advanced options, like "first burst length", "maximum burst length", etc.
We have etherchanneled two gig links to a CISCO switch, and the traffic is really suprisingly low. My hunch is that I need to reduce the burst lengths, thereby increasing the number of reads, but without any documentation, I have no idea how to perform any experiments.

Does anyone have information on this that could help us out ?

Jeff N.
Hiram College