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HP ilo2 filtered?

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HP ilo2 filtered?

I've noticed some strange behavior with some of our new HP DL360 G5's ever since we got them. Unlike some older models that have an ilo firmware of 1.26, ones with 1.29 (and even with the newest 1.30) seem to have either filtering turned on, or some strange ACL list I can't seem to find documenation for.

The reason I say it's filtered, is because the ilo interface is pingable, however, running NMAP on the interface shows the ports that should be open (22, 80, 443) to be in filtered state. Turning, say, telnet on and off also puts it in and out of this state.

I would love to turn filtering off so that I can ssh to the ilo port again. According to HP's "Integrated Lights-Out security" pdf (document C00212796.pdf) ilo *does* have an onboard firewall. It gives no tips in controlling it however...hints?