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HP microserver Gen8 G1610T reboot loop

Occasional Visitor

HP microserver Gen8 G1610T reboot loop

Hi all,

yesterday I tried to power up my microserver but I found it doesn't even get to the BIOS configuration page.

The only screen I get (not every time) is "Early processor initialization" and then it reboots again.

I tried removing all sata disks, I tried removing also the USB key I use to boot linux, nothing changed.

I tried moving the S6 system manteinance switch to ON but nothing changed.

I tried moving the DIMM to the other slot but nothing changed.

Is there something am I missing?

Should I call my local HP support number to know where I can take the server to get assistance?

I live in Italy, near Milan to be precise.

The server has been bought in may so it should still be covered by warranty.


Thanks in advance,


Fabio Pozzi

Jimmy Vance

Re: HP microserver Gen8 G1610T reboot loop

You need to call HP support for your country. Sounds like you wil need to swap out the system board

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum!      I work for HPE

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Occasional Visitor

Re: HP microserver Gen8 G1610T reboot loop

Hello. Sorry for my English. I had same issue (Early processor initialization and reboot loop). I can fix it when I change the CPU and after that I move S6 to ON position. I'm waiting 3 min and reboot server. After that I move S6 to Off position. Server start normal. Hope this help.