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HP ml570 g2 server boot ... sometimes

Patrick FW Miller
Occasional Contributor

HP ml570 g2 server boot ... sometimes

System: 2 memory boards both populated with 16 1 gig chips. 12 scsi drive (34.6g ea) one 19g ATA drive, 1 dvd, 1 cd, 1 floppy.
OS: MS Small business server 2003

System will give error message NMI error see hardware vender. After this system will not boot. center light on memory board keeps flashing. I changed ALL ram chips... still no boot. I have attached the drive cages to the mother board and remove all pci/pcix cards. HELP
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: HP ml570 g2 server boot ... sometimes

Next time it boots, backup your data. I would install 1 stick and see if it can boot up. Reset the CMOS. I would consider installing 2GB or 4GB sticks instead of 16 x 1 GB. NMI could be a timing issue with that many sticks of RAM. I would consider 4 x 4GB or 8 x 2GB. Start with one stick. See if it boots. Shut down. Two sticks in dual channel mode. See if it boots. Then, shutdown and do 4 sticks. If you can do 4 sticks. I would get 4 x 2GB and try it.
Patrick FW Miller
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP ml570 g2 server boot ... sometimes


I did as you suggested. I got the system to boot up and erased nvram. I then reboted and

restored nvram and cycle the system and rebooted. This time I got it to boot the smart

start cd. That hung while trying to load drivers with a message that it kept getting

NMI's and that there is something wrong with the memory chip. I shut down, changed chips

and rebooted - took about 10 attemps to get it to boot. This time it loaded the drivers -

that is smartstart - then rapidly flashed a bunch of messages on the screen and went

dead. I tried several memory chips changes and different configurations all to no avail.

Finally I disconnected the drive cages from the mother board scsi interface and

re-installed a 6400 smart array controller. The system booted and gave me error messages

for any and all smart arrays I used. I haver not been able to boot it up since. It

appears to be that the ram board ( both of them ) are always busy and never comes to

ready. Could the mother board be my problem?

Thanks for the help.