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HP netserver E60

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HP netserver E60

I am trying to upgrade this server with 2 650/256/100 P3 and it will not work.
Setting the switches makes no diffrence

Can anybody help with this would like to put these to good use if possible.

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Re: HP netserver E60


It may be the limitation on the BIOS but the CPU requirements are very specific. This server is only made to handle the P3 with a maximum speed of 550MHz with 512KB L2 Cache, not 256. I do not believe the CPU's you have will work.

My suggestions is to get the specific CPU: HP P/N:D8583A for the 550MHz or D7129A for the 500MHz. You can also upgrade this to 1GB memory and use a duplexing kit for added reliability with SCSI hard drives.

Hope this helps.


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Re: HP netserver E60

Well right now it has a pair of 500/512's
with a gig of ram.
All this box does is run SETI@home,Was just hopeing to upgrade it a little.
But thanks for the reply.

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Re: HP netserver E60

Hi Scott,

What do you mean it will not work?

Do you mean that the new processor is not detected at all in the BIOS or the BIOS detected it but not seen by the operating system?

The new processor you are adding should be the same as the one you already have (the processor speed as well as the cache)
You can not mix two different speed processors

Look for E 60

Amha Kassa
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Re: HP netserver E60

The switches don't make a difference with the 650/256's So the only thing I can figure is they are to new or it dont recongise the L2 cache of only 256.
It has been a while since I tried them but if I remember right I had to hit F1 to continue and it disabled all of the L2 cache
so they were slower than the 500/512's.

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Re: HP netserver E60

The E60 only supports 512KB CPU's.

However I they also top out at 600Mhz, the board does not support CPU's with multipliers higher than 6.0x IIRC.

A later rev. board does support 750's IIRC, but there was a hardware change to make this work.