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HPE MServer Gen10+ ESXi passthrough

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HPE MServer Gen10+ ESXi passthrough

I am using ESXI 7.0 U1 - using the HP image 'New*ESXi 7.0 U1 Jan 2021'. Bios is U48

I am not using the software RAID (found out doesn't work with ESXi) and did not buy the external Smart Array card. I am trying to passthrough 2 HDDs to a TrueNas VM but it won't have it!

Am I doing something wrong or will I have to buy this card - 'HPE Smart Array E208i-p SR Gen10' ?

I have seen the link below but it seems fiddly to get a raw mapping working and not sure if the best way for TrueNas


Could I use another, cheaper pci-e SATA controller card in this server, any ideas?


Re: HPE MServer Gen10+ ESXi passthrough

Hi JamieC1

Recommending to go through the server quickspecs and the spare part document to buy the supported smart array controller for the HPE Microserver Gen10 plus 


HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 - Options Parts

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Re: HPE MServer Gen10+ ESXi passthrough


I now have the supported Smart array controller.  As all 4 drives on this server are connected on the same SAS cable, how do I just send (passthrough) the 2 drives I want for TrueNas. I don't want to pass the 2 other disks with the ssd vms.

I had to unplug the sas cable to the MB and put to the HBA. Do I need some sort of cable to 'split / connect' 2 of the drives to the SAS port on the MB, then I can passthrough just the 2 spinning disks on the extrernal HBA

Can I do this ?