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HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Down Sites?

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HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Down Sites?

I run currently 2x N36L for different Task who requiere a normal Win7 for Manangment like some Control over a Machine. I found some USB to Glas Fiber Adapter who work great so I dont need an Pc, Server next to the Machine.

I will put it into my Serverrack who can work "remotly" via the Glasfiber connetion. This 2 Server should be replaced with. I also run a "fat" HP Server who I cant restart because important Virtual Machine run and if the fail some people get angry about like my Parents who can make Phonecalls anymore when the Virtual PBX is shut down....

A secound Server will not be a bad soloution. There is currently a Promo for the Server and I saw the Kingston Ram is **bleep** cheap for 16Gb.

But what are the Downsites? I sat no Remote Manangment anymore? PCI-E is just 8x nor 16x anymore.
I have 1x 8x Raid and 1x 4x Raid Card who is a little older but work perfect.

This Card will not fit into the 3,5 Bay who look like:
But how about this: when I screw them in that the Ports facing the Door (or what the use inseat) I could put 1x Data, 1x Power to the intend Port and 1x to the pother Raid Pair?!
How is the Backplate or it called connected to the Mainboard like in the old Server with the "Raid Card" Plug that I can plug the Backplate directly into the Raid Card?

How can I compare the CPU to a (Laptop) i7or (Desktop) i5?


Re: HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Down Sites?



Good Day. This is an entry level server and does not have the PCIe x16 slot available. Please refer to the below link:-


Only compatible components for this server are available in the quickpsecs and option parts list:-


You can also refer to the below link on how to check the cabling and how parts can be identified for replacement:-

For Cabling-

To identify components:-


Hope the above information helps you. 





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