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HPNS Monitoring in MOM 2005

Gareth Oates
New Member

HPNS Monitoring in MOM 2005

I'm afraid this question might be a bit vague but I'll try get as much info in as possible.

At the moment we're using NetIQ AppManager to monitor our server environment (Which consists mainly of HP NetServer LP1000r, LP2000r and TC 3100).

Since version 6.0 of NetIQ AppManager, support for HPNS monitoring had ceased, so this meant we had to upgrade the agent to version 6.0 but leave the HPNS module at 5.02.

My question is actually about MOM 2005 and whether there's any Management Packs available to monitor the above types of servers and their respective HP Top Tools etc..

I have already found the HP ProLiant and HP Integrity server management packs and just wondered if this would cover monitoring for HPNS on the servers I mentioned.

You may be wondering why I can't just 'try it and find out' but it's because I'm evaluating MOM on a test server and don't want to make any changes to a live server by installing the agent.

Hope this makes sense and I'm posting in the right place. My apologies if this isn't the case.