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Hanging at cpqhph.sys when booting

Frank Kombe
New Member

Hanging at cpqhph.sys when booting

I have backed up system state from an ML370 G1 and restored it to ML370 G4 which I want to take over as DC in place of out going G1 server. But, after restoring, server only boot to cpdhph.sys and then hangs there. What can I do to proceed?
Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: Hanging at cpqhph.sys when booting

You can probably use the Windows 2000/2003 installation CD to correct the situation.

The first option is to disable the problem driver/service from the Recovery Console.

The second, and probably more thorough, option is to perform a 'Repair' from the Windows installation CD. Regardless, you're almost certainly going to need to install/upgrade the Smart Array 6402(?) driver during the 'Repair'.