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Hard Drive Problem

Paul Crane
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Hard Drive Problem

I am setting up an E60 and when I restarted the server I noticed I had a lot of Checkdisk errors as I was shutting down. When I restarted I got an error "Insert a boot disk...".

The configuration of the server is follows (2) 9GB IBM SCSI HDs that are Hardware Mirrored and a HP Netraid SCSI adapter. I went into the Netraid diagnostics and found that in the rebuild section it was showing the first drive as offline, so I did the rebuild and still never started. I am thinking it may be bad sectors on the hard drive because I was getting all these check disk errors when I last shut down. So I am looking for a drive fitness test for HP Netserver E60 with a Netraid Adapter, can anyone help or have any other suggestions? Thanks
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Re: Hard Drive Problem

Hi paul,

You can check each drives properties in netraid express tools. To get in there
1. Boot server in to CTRL + M
2. Object/phsyical drive/select drive and press enter/choose properties
3. Look if there is any media errors--which will tell you the health of the hard drive depending on the firmware ver on the raid controller (if firmware is older you might not see all the media errors)

I hope this will help

Amha Kassa