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Hard Drive bay issue

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Hard Drive bay issue

Got a very strange issue with my N40L.
I'm running debian with openmediavault over the top, and using lvm2 volumes.

I've tried 2 different drives now what will not create volume groups on the 3rd drive bay. If I move the same drive to the 4th bay it works fine.

But if I create a normal partition it works just fine in bay 3 or bay 4.

vgcreate command failed
/sbin/vgcreate -M2 -l 256 -p 256 -s 4m -c n vgtest /dev/sdc1
Incorrect medtadata area header checksum

Any ideas? The error is fairly generic and googling yields nothing.

Clearly that bay isn't completely stuffed, but there seems to be something it doesn't like. It could be software or o/srelated, but I dont think so as it seems strange why it would pick just one bay to not work with.

Unfortunately it isn't convenient to start installing different o/s or sending it back to HP, so wondering if anyone has any ideas or has seen this before.