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Hardware Malfunction

Khurshid Alam
Occasional Contributor

Hardware Malfunction

This is third time that the same following error message has appeared. Although we had run server diagnostic and shifted
the server to another power socket but no failure has detected, despite this the same error message has appeared again.

Error Message:

*** Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
*** The system has halted
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware Malfunction

Hi Khurshid
You may wish to provide more info as: server model, when that occurs, if System is Up to date, if any changed been done?
Here is a link for all available Updates:
Some reasons from easy search
Khurshid Alam
Occasional Contributor

Re: Hardware Malfunction


NetServer LC 2000 and running windows NT 4.0 with Service pack 6, Server is up to date.

I'm sending you windos NT 4.0 event log, Hardware event log and support ticket.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware Malfunction

Hello Khurshid,

from the SEL i can see that it is full since march 2002 (512 events) so you are missing the last entries that possibly caused your crashes (Hardware Malfunction).

Event Log Display Utility Ver 5.0
MMC: F.10.38
Bios: 4.06.30 PV
evtspec.cfg: Tue Dec 04 14:33:48 2001

rId EvtCd Date: Time: Event Data:
512 01203 12/03/02 21:46:24 Single-bit repeated error in memory slot 3
511 01203 12/03/02 21:46:24 Single-bit repeated error in memory slot 3
510 01203 12/03/02 21:46:17 Single-bit repeated error in memory slot 3
509 01203 12/03/02 21:46:16 Single-bit repeated error in memory slot 3

What you need to do first now is clear the SEL and then the last 16 events will be copied from a separate buffer into the SEL. However, they will carry the current date and timestamp which is not the one at which the errors really took place but their was no way to write them in the SEL because it was full,so they will be added now after you cleared the full SEL)

If that memory module that reports those single bit errors has never been replaceed since March 2002 then that is likely the one that will have given you the crash these 3 times but a clean new log should tell you this normally.

You can clear the SEL online if you have the toptools agents installed or local/instant toptools. Another way to clear it online is via the TopTools remote control card if you have that option installed.

Other then that you need to clear the SEL offline via the utility partition (if installed) or by booting off the Netserver Navigator cdrom.