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Headless operation of ML110 G2 under Windows 2003 Server

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Headless operation of ML110 G2 under Windows 2003 Server

I'm used to the enterprise-class ProLiants, so admittedly working on a small-business server like an ML110 G2 is new to me, so my apologies for what might be an obvious question.

I'm assisting a friend in setting-up his small business. I just bought a new ML110 G2 for him, and set it up with Windows 2003 Server. Operationally, everything is working fine.

In the space available for the server, it'd be great if we could run it "headless" - no monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

When I remove the keyboard and mouse, I'm getting i8042 service errors when Windows starts. Obviously, these are just a nuisance, but I'd rather not have them there at all (so his staff doesn't freak-out and call me whenever the server needs rebooting).

This issue went away years ago on the enterprise-class servers, am I just possibly missing a BIOS setting on this one someplace?

Jonathon Green
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Re: Headless operation of ML110 G2 under Windows 2003 Server

I spent several happy hours wandering through BIOS settings on my own shiny new ML110 G2 last night (more on this elsewhere - previously I've pressed surplus workstations into use as servers on my home network and even a small "proper" server is new to me so I'm having my own problems!) and didn't find anything like that...

As an alternative how about plugging a small KVM switch in? I have a little 2-port Belkin which "spoofs" the presence of a keyboard even when it doesn't have one plugged in - Or possibly a keyboard emulator like this...

"The PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Emulator prevents computer lockup due to keyboard signal loss with some KVM switches not equipped with an emulation function. It allows hot plugging of the keyboard and mouse, and also allows computers to boot and run in the absence of a keyboard and mouse"

...would do the trick?