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Re: Help for HP ML350 G4P

Nguyen Tuan
Occasional Contributor

Help for HP ML350 G4P

I had bought 02 server HP Proliant ML350 G4P. I tried to install Windows server NT 4.0 but it's not responsed. In the website of HP, it's still supported by HP at software & driver for this product series. Pls tell me how to solve this problem.

Peter Karle
Frequent Advisor

Re: Help for HP ML350 G4P

You need the SmartStartCD v. 7.20 which was the last version that supported NT4.
You can download it here

Burn a CD and boot from it to start the installation.

Don't forget: NT4 is DEAD!!! It is NO MORE supported by any vendor, nor by MS itself!!!
HP only provides you with the drivers.
Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: Help for HP ML350 G4P

If you must have Windows NT 4.0 Server on a newer server, may I recommend virtualization? You could install Windows Server 2003 on the ML350 G4P, and then the free version of VMware Server or Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 as host. Within the host you can install one or more guests containing Windows NT 4.0 Server. It is as close to supported as you will get from a hardware side and software side.
Chris Rosan
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Re: Help for HP ML350 G4P

You need to keep licencing in mind. Whilst NT isn't supported anymore, you still have to licence it. You need to either:

Have a valid licence for the version of Windows 2003 you are using for the host, AND the Windows NT guest server, OR buy a Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise licence, which allows you to run 4 Windows 2003 (or earlier) guests (but you can't run any apps or use the host for anything other than the host).