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Help with Hp Network Config Utility and Proliant 6400R

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Help with Hp Network Config Utility and Proliant 6400R

Friday - Installed latest network card drivers from the HP support site. Installed the latest HP Network Config Utility from the support site. All was working ok. 2 network cards
teamed and fault tolerant with load balancing. The network config utility was working fine.

Monday - no network adapters were visible, the server was not responding to network. After lots of diagnostics, uninstalling network cards, unbinding protocols etc, managed to get the server back on the network with one network adapter. However I am unable to use the HP Network Config Utility. It keeps
displaying the error message RaisePropertyUI Failed 0x80070002.

I have uninstalled network drivers, rebooted, reinstalled the network config utility about 10 times now, in the hope that it
will start to work but nothing will work, just the same message repeated every time I click.

Worse still, under network connections, if I
right click on the network adapters, there is no longer any TCP/IP listed or any other protocols. So we can no longer change
IP of the card etc!!. The server IS working on the network, because IPconfig works, and the network cards can be pinged. However the cards are not teamed or fault tolerent.

As a last resort, I downloaded the whole Support Pack from the support site, and installed this. But it still does not work.

How do i uninstall the HP Network Config Utility, or remove all of its settings completely so that I can install fresh?

This is our Exchange server, so things are getting somewhat
desperate now.
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Re: Help with Hp Network Config Utility and Proliant 6400R

Rather than trying to uninstall the HP Network Config Utility; I would install that PSP (ProLiant Support Pack) you downloaded, but first I would recommend the following:

1) Make sure you have a good backup of the system.

2) Upgrade all of the hardware (System, Array Controller, HDDs, RILOE, etc.) to the latest available for your OS

3) Install the PSP (latest is 7.51A, dated 05/22/06).

4) There is a version of the HP Network Config Utility available that was released after the PSP, so you may have to download and install this version (, dated 05/23/06) at the end.
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Re: Help with Hp Network Config Utility and Proliant 6400R

Unfortunately this has got worse. I had already installed the PSP. However no we have installed the Network Config util over the top, and rebooted, the network cards are not working at all. They are showing with the yellow exclamation mark next to them. If try to update the driver, we are stuck in an endless loop, where Windows tries to install the driver then at the end it says "unable to install the device" "specified file cannot be found". Basically its screwed.