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Re: Help with netserver 8500

Occasional Advisor

Help with netserver 8500

I've inherited an lxr8500 with 4 xeon 700's and about 6 gigs of ram.

Problem is that it won't post. There is just a minus on the lcd screen, nothing ever comes up on the monitor.

It has two new power supplies, but other than that, I don't know if these are even the cpus that are supposed to be in it, or what possible settings to use. The cdrom light stays on, and the lcd just goes to the little minus. When I first powered it on, with no cpus in the tray, it displayed a 0 on the lcd, but that was it. Need help, as this needs to go into use ASAP.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Help with netserver 8500

Okay, totally disassembled this little guy and bad news troubles me.

Under the processor daughter card was a screw.....

So, anybody know how to narrow down the problem? I assume either the main processor baseboard, the daughter card, or the control card(that the lcd attaches to).

I'm hoping that the power system is safe(boots, power supplies stay green, should be good). I'm also hoping the I/O board is good.

Anybody have any ideas, old equipment for sale?