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How Windows communicates with ILO-board?

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How Windows communicates with ILO-board?


I'm trying to get information from 2 ilo-boards of 2 different servers. Because there on another location, it's impossible for me take actions on de server fysically. I'm already trying with cpqlocfg.exe and some xml files, but always get error messages like sio_connect: reason(10061) or (11004).
A collegue tells me it does not use the ethernet port of the ilo-board, but i doubt this. Can anybody assist me?

ILO firmware 1.41, systems OS W2K3 sp1.

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Re: How Windows communicates with ILO-board?

Hi Paul.

If the server was installed using the SmartStart-CD, the HP agents should be installed.

If so, you can connect to the System Management Hompage, you just need to know the servers IP-address:

In the left menu you should see an entry
"Management Processor
Integrated Lights-Out" which links to the IP-address of the iLO, if one is configured.
On the right pane you have a link to the iLO status page where you can see if the interface is connected and where you can reset the iLO.

Error 10061 means, the iLO could not be reached (not connected, no valid IP, hostname could not be resolved to IP....)


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Re: How Windows communicates with ILO-board?

I'm configuring a new DL380-G5, using the https://server:2301 and clicking on left Management Processor can I assign the ilo2 card a ip address? Or is first time setup forcing me to re-boot and hit F8?

Using Windows Server 2000SP4 and latest HP Management Drivers from SmartStart