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How can I get my SMBIOS updated?

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How can I get my SMBIOS updated?

I am running three N40L MicorServers - all with remote access cards (HP ProLiant N40L 1P 2GB-U Emb SATA NHP 250GB LFF 150W PS MicroServer with HP MicroServer Remote Access Card Kit)


All of them report the IPMI with KCS interface at the wrong location - 0xca8 rather than 0xca2, which is where the device is found (and =xca2 is the default as well).


I don't know if the fault is in the N40L BIOS or the RAC card BIOS, but I have updated to latest available for both - 1.3 (2012/12/20) for RAC and 2011.07.29 (A) (25 Aug 2011) for N40L.


Just a minor change to the code would make me very happy!


# dmidecode 2.11
SMBIOS 2.6 present.

Handle 0x001B, DMI type 38, 18 bytes
IPMI Device Information
Interface Type: KCS (Keyboard Control Style)
Specification Version: 1.5
I2C Slave Address: 0x10
NV Storage Device: Not Present
Base Address: 0x0000000000000CA8 (I/O)
Register Spacing: Successive Byte Boundaries



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Re: How can I get my SMBIOS updated?

HP: I would also be interested in the MIcroServer Remote Access Card reporting it's address correctly (so that it can be auto-probed by ipmi_si under Linux)