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How to setup W2k on ML310 ATA

john bristed
New Member

How to setup W2k on ML310 ATA

I've bought a small business which has a proliant ml310 with two 40gig ata drives.
I thought it would suit, and I can add some bigger drives when I get it set up.
They say it never worked properly so I'm starting again.
(I can set up the inbuilt raid controller ok but Smartstart 7.51 doesn't recognise the ata raid controller; seems it only likes scsi. I don't know if that matters
To see if the computer worked I quickly set it up with XPpro, on mirrored disks all OK.
Now I want to instal W2kserver; it boots Ok but won't see the disk/array.
How to set it up so it will run W2k Server? is the question.
Be most grateful for any ideas
Sandeep H Raman

Re: How to setup W2k on ML310 ATA

Hello john,

1.Smartstart will work if there's a smart array controller only.
2.Only option is to do a manual install using the Win2k Cd.
3.The simpleast way to do this is slipstream service pack and raid drivers in to the base OS.

Additional information:
Though its for Xp,same steps for Win2k/2k3 will work.

If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem.