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I/O Error on Proliant DL360

Jacques Bourdeau
New Member

I/O Error on Proliant DL360


The server is a Proliant DL360R01 PIII 800Mhz
P/N 161080-001
OS is RedHat Enterprise 4
Controler is :
ida0: Compaq Integrated Array Controller
Board ID: 0x40400e11
Firmware Revision: 1.40
Controller Sig: 0xa140a2dd
Memory Address: 0xf8824000
I/O Port: 0x2000
IRQ: 177
Logical drives: 1
Physical drives: 2
Current Q depth: 0
Max Q depth since init: 18
Logical Drive Info:
ida/c0d0: blksz=512 nr_blks=71122560
nr_allocs = 482485
nr_frees = 482485

About once per minute, I receive this on the console and in the log file :
Oct 16 04:31:01 servername kernel: Non Fatal error on ida/c0d0
Oct 16 04:31:58 servername kernel: Non Fatal error on ida/c0d0

The console itself can be very slow, surely because the kernel is waiting for the drives. Both leds on the hard drives are green, so disks should not be broken.

More details about the hardware are in the attached file.

All diagnosis / debug / monitoring tools from HP and Compaq I founded are for much older Linux versions than RH 4.

How can I diagnostic the problem more precisely and how can I fix it ?

Thanks for your help,

Jacques Bourdeau