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I/O time on the P440 controller

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I/O time on the P440 controller

Hello good day.

A day ago I created a RAID 5 with four 6 TB disks with the P440 controller (it carries the memory and battery module, and the disks previously had data) in the ML110 G9 server. The thing is that 24 hours ago I have the same message:

"Background parity initiation is in queue or in progress on the logical drive device 1. If the parity initiation in the background is queued, it will begin when the I/O is performed on the unit. Parity in the background, the performance of the logical drive will improve. "

The message that indicates me from the SSA is that it is "In queue", but 24 hours ago that tells me the same thing. The server is running but I have not accessed the operating system, if not, I have entered the Intelligent Provisioning. Yesterday when I believed that the RAID accessed the Windows server 2016, and in the disk manager the logical volume created appeared, but there was a message on the left that I could not access it.

I write this message to see if this is normal or is an anomalous thing. Let's see if you can get rid of doubts.

A greeting.