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ILO Config utility from local desktop???

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ILO Config utility from local desktop???

We have had recent issues that has cuased many ILO cards to be lost on the network. We feel the IP's have been set to bogus IP's. Is there a desktop utility to configure the ILO's without rebooting the server (and using the BIOS controls). This is too difficult in remote locations with IT support people. I have tried to search on HPs site, but the information is FAR less then helpfull. THe XML configs do not work b/c we do not have IP's on the ILO's, so we can not access them at all. I have tried CPQLOCFG.EXE and hponcfg.exe, and these are network config utilities and require the ILO to have an IP.
I have searched the SmartStart CD's and can't find anything worth while.
Please help. Thanks
Hense, Klaus
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Re: ILO Config utility from local desktop???

Hallo, the hponcfg.exe works on the local server OS with driver to the ILO . with this tool you can config and reset the board without an IP / Network!