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ILO Log - Server power removed.

Ong Kean Lee
New Member

ILO Log - Server power removed.

I have 2 nodes cluster server running on ProLiant DL385 G2. 1 of the node is experiencing unexpected reboot almost every day. It's running on Windows Server 2003 and nothing can be found from event logs.

Upon checking on the ILO log, i found a description "Server power removed" and the date/time is the same when the server was shutdown.

I can't find any hardware error from System Management. Currently the power supply is not running in redundant mode.

Any advice?
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO Log - Server power removed.

check components in the power connection:
- power outlet
- power cord
- Power supply
Do this one step at a time.

- power outlet may be tested by connecting a digital clock that resets to 00:00 when power is lost.
maybe some wire is not properly connected.
- powercords are not hard to get by.
maybe the connector doesn't fit right. try another one.
- maybe you can replace the PSU with the other node in the cluster?
See if the problem moves too.
but if this was the problem, i would expect this logged in the ILO log.

be sure the cleaner service doesn't use the power outlet for the vacuum cleaner :-(
Leonard Davison
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Re: ILO Log - Server power removed.

This may or may not be relevant.

Is the power cord supplied by HP?

In one instance, I have noticed that some "other" power cords fit loosely in the PS socket and did cause intermittent reboots.

Are you certain that house power is constant - like Pieter said, plug something in to the outlet that will "reset" if the power goes out.
Ong Kean Lee
New Member

Re: ILO Log - Server power removed.

I'll try to check on the power cord and see how it goes. Will replace it and try...