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ILO Web Server connectivity lost

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ILO Web Server connectivity lost

has there ever been an update/resolution/workaround to this particular problem as described in customer advisory ES040716_CW01? I have about 7 Proliants and i can't get to ILO on any of them unless i reboot. This is somewhat of an annoyance on production machines
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Re: ILO Web Server connectivity lost

Hi Mark,

Have you updated the firmware on the ILO? according to the advisory the new release will have a fix for that issue.

There is a new release ILO firmware which is relaesed on April 13, 2005, therefore I would strongly recommend to flash the firmware on the ILO to the latest. According to the advisory you should be able to get a fix through the new release.
You did not mention your server model and genereation but the ILO is not server dependent and you can download the firmware from here

I would like to stress the importance of updating the server to the latest proliant support pack as well to keep the server to its optimal state. You can download the latest PSP from the same link above

Hope this will hlep and good luck

Amha Kassa