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IMD on Proliant 1600 installation

Alain Jacques
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IMD on Proliant 1600 installation

I would like to add an IMD (spare 271930-001) to a Proliant 1600 and need info about the 34 wires --> 20/14 wires Y cable to adapt the LCD display to this system. Can anyone give me a precise description of the wiring and connector position ? Does pin 1/red wire on the IMD goes to pin 1 on the 20 poles connector?

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Oleg Koroz
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Re: IMD on Proliant 1600 installation

cable should have one pin locked so it can be installed only one way
there will be only one connector at board with same number of pin, close to front

if you need kit
SPN for KIT - 306565-001 (Actual Cable ASSY 283685-001)