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Insight Manager and Virtual Centre Rescan HBA's

Occasional Advisor

Insight Manager and Virtual Centre Rescan HBA's

I have recently connected Insight Manager 6.1 to our two Virtual Centre instances, one test VC 4.1 the other is production VC 2.5.


Once I register the various hosts with VMM I get all the space reporting, cpu utilization etc that was to be expected.


Unfortunately there is a task that runs every 59 minutes that rescans the HBA's on all the ESX hosts.


On each host,  in the tasks I get the following entries - update options value, followed by rescan HBA's, then update options value, followed by  rescan VMFS, which takes about 15 secs. See attached.


Under tasks, or mxtask there are no listings showing what task is running.


My question is what is controlling the task, why does it need to rescan all my hosts on such a regular basis, how can I stop or edit the task, and what other tasks are running that I haven't picked up on yet.


When I unregister the ESX hosts the task stops but so does all the reporting.


Any help appreciated