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Installing Vista Business on a ML110 G5 server

Micke Bergman
New Member

Installing Vista Business on a ML110 G5 server

I am just wondering if it is possible to install Windows Vista Business X64 on a ProLiant ML110 G5 server?
The reason why I come up with this stoopid question is that vista was purchased for it by mistake and is non-refundable.
I only want the server to work as a stand-alone pc for storing of files and using Business Contact Manager centrally.
The network is 5 pc's peer-to-peer where 4 is using Vista and 1 is using XP Pro OS.
I was told you can install Vista by first install the drivers for Windows 2008 Server X64 or W32 (cp009517 (32bit) or cp009516 (64bit)).
Super thanks to anyone who can help me out.
Micke Bergman
New Member

Re: Installing Vista Business on a ML110 G5 server

I solved it!
If someone get into the same dilemma as I did, probably unlikely :)
You have to download the Embedded SATA RAID Controller driver for Windows Server 2008 X64 (in my case as I have a Vista Business X64 version)it is the cp009516 file.
After download you extract it to a USB-stick in a folder named at your own choice (ml110).
Then just put the OS CD into the Server and install the OS and when you reach the point when it asks for the drivers just put in the USB-stick and browse for the ml110 folder (as i named it in this example) and then select the driver that comes up in the dialog window. And voila it installs the driver and then you just follow the instructions on screen.
When the server reboots take out the USB-stick and CDR and follow the regular OS install procedures.