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Installing Windows Server 2011 on mirrored disks in N40L

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Installing Windows Server 2011 on mirrored disks in N40L

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Happy (and prosperous) New Year to you!


I've just received my Proliant N40L, and I plan to mirror the boot drive before starting the OS install. Will I need the RAID driver on a "diskette" in order to install Windows Server 2011? 


The documentation talks about creating a diskette, but before that I'll have to create a diskette drive!


I'm working my way through the documentation, but it wasn't written for people with old-age dementia symptoms... so I decided to ask here, in the hope that someone else has tried this recently, and can give me a reasonably simple answer. 


I think I just panicked when I saw the word "diskette". Presumably if I need to install the  RAID drivers during the OS install phase, then they'd have to come from a USB memory stick, as that seems the natural replacement for diskettes (I have a bunch of those, covered in about 20 years worth of dust...)


Re: Installing Windows Server 2011 on mirrored disks in N40L

Try the guided troubleshooting available on MicroServer at the following URL for further assistance:


Click options Software Setup > Enable and Configure SATA RAID


The first page details enabling RAID and configuring logical drives. Scroll to the end of the page and click button “Next” which details driver installation during installing operating system.






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