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Intermittent Connection using HP procurve 2524

Mark Basco
Occasional Contributor

Intermittent Connection using HP procurve 2524

Hello Good Day!

I'm having a problem with our network connectivity. We are encountering intermittent connection to internet and our Head Office's(HO) site. I already check the internet by directing one computer to the modem, and internet works fine. So I'm suspecting our HP procurve 2524. Our Network setup is like this.

Local Network > Switch (HP procurve) > Firewall (Cyberoam50i) > 2 connections (1) Cisco Router for MPLS Link and (2) modem for internet

I'm on constant ping with the IP of our HO and yahoo!, then I encountered intermittent connection. Sometimes both IPs are replying then after 5 minutes, it drops. Then another moment it will reconnect.

I check the HP procurve and get the following error:
Excessive CRC/Alignment error on port: 24
Excesive late collisions detected on port 24

Port 24 is our Active Directory

I also checked Config Report and get the following:
; J4813A Configuration Editor; Created on release #F.05.69

hostname "HP ProCurve Switch 2524"
time timezone 8
cdp run
interface 1
no lacp


interface 26
no lacp
ip default-gateway
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
untagged 1-26
ip address
no aaa port-access authenticator active

So do you think it's the HP Procurve? I already swap cables to different ports and update the firmware. Stii, i get intermitted connection.