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Keyboard PS/2 port not working on Proliant DL380

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Keyboard PS/2 port not working on Proliant DL380

I just recently setup an HP Proliant DL380 with Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and had it working perfectly when all of the sudden I was asked to move this server from one location (not rackmouted) to a rackmounted location.

When I set the server up in it;s rackmounted location I had to use a KVM switch, which I did not have in the non rackmounted location. While plugged into the KVM I get display and mouse functionality, but the keyboard does not work.

I initially thought that the keyboard was defective and replaced it, but this did not change anything. I then used a different set of ports on the KVM, but still no change. I then changed the KVM cables I was using and still no go. The keyvoard works on the other servers connected to the KVM.

As a last resort I even switched where the mouse and keyboard were plugged in on the back of the server, but then the mouse no longer worked.

Any suggestions other than getting a new motherboard?
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Re: Keyboard PS/2 port not working on Proliant DL380

No... this is likely a O/S hardware scan issue. You may need to delete the keyboard and likely the mouse, reboot, and re-scan for new hardware to detect what signal the KVM is sending.

Give that a try and let me know what you find. -john
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Re: Keyboard PS/2 port not working on Proliant DL380

I was originally skeptical of this plan, because I would be unable to implement the steps you outlined as I could not log into the server, but simply connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse allowed me to successfully login to this machine and now that I can reconfigure the TCP/IP settings on the new VLAN it will be on I can interface with this machine via remote desktop.