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Keyboard & mouse locks up on Proliant ML150 G3 Server

Melvin Evans
New Member

Keyboard & mouse locks up on Proliant ML150 G3 Server

Here is the scenario:
Windows Server 2003 (R2) Server on an HP ML150 G3
Microsoft Exchange 2003 running on this server
Raid 1 config with 2 SATA Drives.
Server has the embedded SATA controller in the system board.

Had a problem with the server rebooting randomly, HP replaced the system board…and now -
The server appears to boot up properly, all the way to the login screen. We go to log in, only to find the keyboard and mouse are not functioning, they appear to be totally locked up.

The keyboard & mouse ports are PS2 and built into the system board. We’ve since tried another new system board, and get the same thing. We put the old system board back in, and the keyboard and mouse function properly, but the system starts rebooting again. We’ve tried a new keyboard and mouse, and they are locked on the new system board as well.

No settings in the system BIOS to control the keyboard & mouse ports that we can find.

We haven’t placed it back on the network yet to try and access it remotely via the NIC, because we don’t want to risk bringing anything else down until we know for sure what the status is.

Anyone ever seen this or have any ideas?
Please help!