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LC 2000 not getting to BIOS

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LC 2000 not getting to BIOS

I just bought a HP NetServer LC 2000 from a surplus store to run a webserver, Counter Strike server, and a few other online services. When I push the button to boot it, it just sits there with its fans on full and status lights on. I hear no beeps, and also see nothing but black on the monitor. Is this a simple fix or should I return it? (it came with a 30 day guaruntee)
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Re: LC 2000 not getting to BIOS


Try opening and refixing all connectors inside the server. Normally some loose connections due to improper handling can cause this. If not successful return it or ask the vendor to rectify it.

Did not you checked it while buying from store?

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Re: LC 2000 not getting to BIOS

Hi Loren,

Do what the Devender recommend you to do as it is the first place to start and if that doesn't fix it the problem could be anything. the best way is to call the HP Tech support line to walk you through step by step troublshooting before you return it.

I also suggest to do this before you call,
1. Try a different monitor
2. If resolved fine else try clearing the NVRAM as follows
a. Power down server and open the box
b. Look for a configuration switch with 8 dip switchs on the system board (Located close to the CMOS Battery) and flip switch#5 to ON
c. Power up server
d. If you got video then power down server and flip the same switch back where it was (to OFF) and power up server. Else go to step 3
3.Take server down to base config (1-Processor, 1 memory stick and and if you have PCI cards take them all out). Power up server and see if u get a video. If yes good, else problem might be worse so I recommend calling HP tech support line

The support is free and the phone# to call is
1-800-633-3600 option 2/1/2
and in the voice activated menu say "Netserver Running Microsoft"
that way you will get a tech that could help you resolve your issue?

Amha Kassa