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LC2000 - dead battery on NetRaid 4m

Gouda Administrator
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LC2000 - dead battery on NetRaid 4m

We have a LC2000 server with a NetRaid 4M (64Mb) controller onboard. The card is recently giving error about the onboard backup battery status. The battery appears to be dead (or close to). It is giving errors at booting and does not continue to load the OS.

I was wondering if I can disable the battery function completely so that I can at least boot the server. I realise that the cache is no longer protected by the battery in case of power loss, but my priority is to get this server back up now.

I saw some articles about the blue jumper next to the battery, but removing this is apparently not the solution.

Any help is welcome!!

Also, spare batteries are hard to get at least within Europe if available in US they are either expensive or supplier does not ship International. Maybe somebody has any suggestions on this?

Many thanks in advance,