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LC3 Processor Upgrade problem

Tom Emrich
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LC3 Processor Upgrade problem

I have an old HP LC3 Netserver with a pair of PII 450s that I'd like to upgrade. The problem is it only works with PII 450s, no matter what I seem to try. With any other cpus it won't post. I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version (.38), also.

The sys board is model 5183-6847, which has dip switches up to 550mhz, implying it will handle at least that much, but any other PIIs, either higher or lower frequency won't work (with the correct dip switch settings, natch.) I've also tried PIII 450's, still no go. I even tried it with only one cpu and got the same behavior.

I guess my main question is whether this sys board will handle faster cpus, or if I'll need to replace the board. Or do I need to run a setup program to get the board to recognize the processors?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: LC3 Processor Upgrade problem

I have the same problem with a Proliant 1600
the processor board has the settings for 550
but will not support anything but 400's
I have been told that the I/O board needs to be changed to support faster processors.

Good luck,Scott