LC3 help

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LC3 help

I've just bought a second User LC3 and although I can find a lot of info about it, I cant seem to find the following info:

It currently has 1x500mhz processor onboard, I have a spare 550mhz processor sat on my desk, now if I take the 500 out I know the 550 will work, but what about if I install the 550 into the second slot (I am sure they must be matched but am not sure if this is true)
Can anyone confirm or deny these thoughts please
Sean T. Craig
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Re: LC3 help

Hi WitchyGuru,

You are correct, both processors need to be the same operating frequency as well as the same Cache size and voltage. Also, the stepping level of the processors must be within 1 step of one another.

Lastly, if you do upgrade to dual CPU, you will probably need to update your HAL to see the second CPU. In Win2K, use the device manager to update the "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" to "ACPI Multiprocessor PC". If you're running WinNT, run UPTOMP.EXE. You can find out more about it here:;en-us;Q124541

Hope this helps,

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