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LH3000R Front LED Panel

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LH3000R Front LED Panel

Does anyone know about this panel? The red light is on and the text is not readable. Garbled, and no way to clear it with the buttons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

John C Owen
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Re: LH3000R Front LED Panel

sometimes, when you pull the plug and let it sit for 10 seconds, the screen will clear when you bring it back up. You can also re-flash the ROM with the Netserver Navigator CD. Newest one is M.04.05, I believe.
kris rombauts
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Re: LH3000R Front LED Panel


try to read the hardware log (SEL) of your server also to see why the red led is on.
Both the red led and the unreadable LCD are not necessarely related.

If you have the management agents (toptools agents) installed, you will be able to read the errors from your operating systems logfiles like system.evt and/or application.evt if you run Windows on this server.

If you find errors pointing to the H/W, try to fix them first to get rid of the red led on the front.