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LH3000r NetRaid 4M problems

Gary M Jackson
New Member

LH3000r NetRaid 4M problems

Recently one of my servers refused to boot because it said the battery had failed. I got another NetRaid 4M card from a local supplier as it was almost the same cost as a replacment battery. Now I can not get either NetRaid to see the drives. Ther are 2 card cages with 2 drives in the top and 6 in the bottom. When I power the system up, the disk I/O lights stay on with the boot pair. Does this indicate a termination problem or something else ?


kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: LH3000r NetRaid 4M problems


if you say the 2 LED's on the boot disks stay on then their is something wrong their.

- remove and reseat the disks (bad contact in disk backplane ?), check SCSI cables seating.

- Try to power up the server with no SCSI cable connected to the disks (disconnect at the 4M controller end) and see if that changes the LED behavior.

- Check the SEL (hardware log) for any issue with the different DC power voltages also.

- Eventually connect the SCSI cable to the build in SCSI controller on the motherboard, just to prove that you can see the disks . The SCSI controller should list all the SCSI id's it can see.
Failing to see the disk which have both LED's constantly on means those disks are bad or the disk backplane or SCSI cable to the upper backplane has a defect. Both boot disks bad at same time is very unlikely though.

-eventually minimize the config and see if you still have the same issue with just a few disks in their ( DC power problem ?)

just some idea's to isolate the issue better.