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LH3000r netraid hard drive replacement

Dave Lowery
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LH3000r netraid hard drive replacement

I have two of these servers. One has a raid1 the other raid5. The raid1 lost a drive. I got a ultra3 drive from HP. The drive refused to rebuild so I got another drive from them and the same thing. I called HP and they said to upgrade the firmware. It had E.01.01, I flashed to E.01.10. The flash went perfect but upon reboot now I get "Firmware invalid".

Anybody out there had any luck getting ultra3 drives to work on these servers?
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Re: LH3000r netraid hard drive replacement

Hi dave,

Where did you get the "Firmware Invalid" message? Is it on Post or somewhere else?

The firmware you upgraded is the integrated raid controller (the raid controller built in the I/O Board), I wonder if you have an add on PCI Raid controller in this server. If so you have to find out what the add on controller is and update the firmware on the controller also.

However, some of the main reasons for a rebuild to fail are
1. Old or corrupted Firmware on the raid controller
2. Media error on the hard drive that is still in the array
3. Old firmware on the drive cage backplane also another reason
4 Old firmware on the hard drives could also be a cause for that
5 An inconsistent data accross the strips in the drives could also prevent rebuild to succeed

My recommendation will be
1. Make sure you flashed the Firmware on the raid controller (make sure to find out the correct raid controller where your hard drives are connected to so that you can flash the right controller)
2. Make sure there is no media error on the drive that is online right now (you can check that by going to CTRL + M on boot, and Object/Physical drive/select the online mirrored drive and press enter/choose properties and check for any media error
Or if you have Netraid assistnat installed (for microsoft) or MegaMgr for Netware you can get the property of the drive there --You can also check the firmware on the drive here)
3. Update the FW on the backplane--the latest for this server is A.10.23 and you can download it from this link

Download it and creat a bootable disk oo\ff of it by double clicking it
4.If firmware on the hard drives is old flash the hard drive Firmware--you can download the CD image hard drive firmware from this link

Download this and burn it to a CD (it is an ISo CD Image)
then boot from that CD and update the hard drives firmware

I hope this will help

Amha Kassa

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Dave Lowery
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Re: LH3000r netraid hard drive replacement

I flashed the server's system firmware to the newest which also update the cage firmware. Still no go.

Well I got the server working. I had to order a replacement IO board from HP. This board came in with version E.01.00 firmware which must be the oldest. But it's a good thing it is. It rebuilt the new ultra3 drive straight away.

So my conclusion from all this is that there is a bug with the newer firmware. E.01.01 is not compatible with ultra3 drives. Attempting to flash to E.01.10 results in a bad IO board. This is not good for this server and it's integrated raid. I believe HP needs to look into this.

I have another of these servers which is in the same predicament. I'm thinking I need to downgrade the firmware from E.01.01 to E.01.00 but I'm afraid to do so because it may kill the IO board.