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LH6000 Power usage limit

Nelson Doh
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LH6000 Power usage limit

Currently I own a LC2000 P3 600 My friend is selling me his LH6000 it has Dual 700 Xeons and 9 18 scsi HD which can be swapped into the LC2000 followed by the Ram. Now the CPU is 700mhz Xeons and i know it doesnt fit the support list of the LC2000. Only reason for not wanting to use the LH6000 is because it's power hungry 1168 Watts when running. Thats a bit too much. Would it be possible to reduce that power usage. Remove 2 of the 3 power supplies and just use. I would Prefer to have the LH6000 but its 1 far too big and uses too much electricity.
So it crossed my mind what if i swapped the mother board into the LC2000 case would it be possible for it to boot up.
Sean T. Craig
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Re: LH6000 Power usage limit

Hi Nelson,

I'm afraid what you're describing cannot be done. Here's the breakdown:

1. Installing LH6000 CPU's in an LC2000: The Xeon and Coppermine processors are not interchangeable. One will not work in the other.

2. Removing 2 power supplies from the LH6000: This server requires 3 power supplies to operate and allows a 4th power supply to provide redundancy.

3. Installing the LH6000 System Board in an LC2000: This would not be possible due to engineering limitations. The LC2000 has a single system board with onboard I/O. The LH6000 actually has 3 boards; Processor, I/O & Power Management. The Processor board and the I/O board are connected together via the Power Management/Interconnect Board which also provides connectivity for the power supplies and IDE/FDD devices.

So, to sum up; you can take the hard drives and RAM from the LH6000 and install it in the LC2000 but that's about where it ends. If you want the added processing power, you need to accept the increased power requirements. The LH6000 can support up to 6 processors, 8GB RAM & 12 hotswap hard drives. It also has an integrated RAID controller that does not exist on the LC2000.
So, as you can see, the additional power usage is not gone to waste.

Sorry I couldn't give you the answers you were looking for but I hope it was informative enough to help you formulate a course of action.

Best of luck,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Nelson Doh
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Re: LH6000 Power usage limit

Thanks for the reply i didnt think it would work in the first place but had my hopes.