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LXr 8000 8-way?

Yani Ioannou
New Member

LXr 8000 8-way?


I recently bought an LXr 8000, mainly for testing a linux IPMI sensors driver I'm developing, but I'd also love to be able to upgrade it from a quad to a eight-way system since the processors are so cheap now.

All the documentation I read points to the server having only 4 PIII Xeon slots, although it also says it's "Upgradeable" to 8 processors.

I found that there is documentation on upgrading the LXr8000 to the LXr8500, and I even found a form to fill out and send into HP for the upgrade (although I'm not sure what this was for). Is this is the way that it is "upgradable" to 8-way? I can't however find this upgrade kit being sold by anyone.