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Lack of info in SMH

John N Oliver
Occasional Contributor

Lack of info in SMH

I have the most recent version of hpsmh installed on several DL360s running Linux, and they show lots of information. But hpsmh installed on a DL380 G3 running Windows 2003 Server shows a "System Config" box, and that's it... no Recovery, Storage, System, or Utilization like under Linux. I'm sure I'm missing some agents, but I used the list of items I installed under Linux (hpasm, cmanic, hpsmh, hprsm, & hponcfg) to look for and install agents for Windows, and I thought I grabbed everything that looked right, like Insight Management Agents.

In the upper-right-hand corner of SMH, System Model is "unknown".

I do not want to install the whole PSP... this is a production server and I cannot take a chance on new drivers doing anything weird.