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Re: Loose access to volume

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Loose access to volume



I meet a recurrent problem with my Microserver Gen 8. I’m running “HPE Customized Image ESXi 6.7.0 version 670.10.3.0 released on June 2018 and based on ESXi 6.7.0 Vmkernel Release Build 8169922”. My set up is pretty simple: 1 single hard drive with ESXi installed on it and with the datastore on that same hard drive.


The problem is that my VMs loose access to their disks almost every single day and every time it happens I can see the following message from ESXi:


Screenshot_2019-07-09 ggdagg-ESXi Home - VMware ESXi(2).png

Screenshot_2019-07-09 ggdagg-ESXi Home - VMware ESXi.png


« Lost access to volume 58b749f4-a93e0385-17b0-645106d844d8 (datastore1) due to connectivity issues. Recovery attempt is in progress and outcome will be reported shortly. »

« Successfully restored access to volume 58b749f4-a93e0385-17b0-645106d844d8 (datastore1) following connectivity issues »


Most of the time it happens on all VMs at the same time. I need to manually power off VMs since I cannot access them any more. It's because they lost their disks. Afterwards I can start them again.

I thought it was a software issue, but following that article it looks like a disconnection from datastore. However, my datastore is on the same hard drive as the ESXi OS, so it looks like something could be wrong with the server itself.


Does anyone experience a similar issue ? Or does anyone have an idea to troubleshoot this issue ?

I also joined screenshot of my firmware version for reference.


ilo firmware.png

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Re: Loose access to volume

ESXi 6.7 is not supported for Microserver gen8.  Please refer the below link for supported OS and check.  if the issue persist with supported OS please check with OS vendor.  In case they found some issue on hardware please log a ticket with HPE.